Certified Public Accountants: Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Consulting


Accounting & Auditing Services

Virtually all entities, regardless of size or complexity, must prepare reports of their financial performance. These reports help owners and management make operating decisions, enable creditors to evaluate loan applications and assist the entity in making investment decisions. To serve our clients’ varying needs Kaduson Strauss offers several different kinds of financial statement services. The different levels of financial statement services are Compilations, Reviews and Audits. Please contact Kaduson Strauss if you would like a detailed explanation of these different types of services.


Business Tax Services

Ever-changing business tax laws and the growing complexity of financial and investment decisions means that planning for the tax implications of a variety of transactions is more important than ever. Kaduson Strauss offers:

* Tax planning strategies to minimize current and future tax liabilities
* Tax preparation for federal, state & local taxes for

o Partnerships
o LLPs & LLCs
o Corporations
o Trusts and Estates
o Non-Profits
o Individuals

* Payroll tax preparation
* Sales and use taxes preparation
* Representation during tax audits
* Second opinions on returns prepared elsewhere
* Review of returns you’ve prepared
* IRS, state and local problems resolution


Financial Planning

Whether you’re looking for more effective ways to manage your cash flow, structure retirement plans and employee benefits, or plan business financing, Kaduson Strauss can help. We will work with you in establishing financial goals and design action plans to help you achieve them. We can help you clarify your business insurance and investment needs as well.

Kaduson Strauss offers estate-planning services to help business principals preserve the financial security you work so hard to achieve. With both your future and that of your heirs in mind we’ll show you how to:

* successfully transition your business to new management
* dispose of your property as you wish
* minimize the tax burden on your estate


Accounting Software

Richard Strauss is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. We can help you with QuickBooks, from initial setup, to training, to “clean up” processes where we structure your data so that it is useable for financial statement and/or tax return purposes.

Kaduson Strauss can help you get the most from QuickBooks and other accounting software including Peachtree, so you can run your business more effectively, and in many cases more efficiently as well.


Bookkeeping Services

Kaduson Strauss clients range in size from one-person shop to multi-million dollar businesses. We provide services tailored to each client’s personal needs. If you are computer literate and choose to record your own transactions we will train you in accounting software and work with you as needed.

If you choose to pay bills manually we will work from your check stubs, bank statements and deposit slips. Our goal is to provide you with timely financial statements and income tax returns.

For any of the above situations we also handle after-the-fact payroll and take care of state sales tax returns.


Additional Services

As your needs emerge or evolve, so too, do Kaduson Strauss’s services. We are often called upon to use our accounting, tax and financial skills, along with investigative talents, to help our clients resolve significant matters involving money such as:

* divorce settlements
* bankruptcy and insolvency reorganizations
* civil lawsuits
* fraud investigation claims
* lost income calculations
* forecasts and projections
* any other financial situation that may arise where you need advice and/or guidance.